Sense Speakerphone

PC World

Aoife M. McEvoy

Voices through the S3's speaker sounded impressive. Callers listening to my sweet nothings expressed surprise when I revealed that I was talking on a speakerphone: They had assumed that I was on a headset, as my voice did not come across as too speakerphone-like.

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Slash Gear

Evan Selleck

The S3 will give you the ability to answer or reject phone calls with just your voice, and it has a simple, one-touch operation that will mean you'll be able to keep your eyes where it's important: the road.

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Into Mobile

Dusan Belic

A visor-mounted car speakerphone that supports voice-control features, including voice answer/ignore and caller name announce from a list of up to 2,000 mobile phone contacts.

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PC Mag

Alex Colon

The S3 speakerphone is BlueAnt's most affordable visor-mounted car speakerphone to date. BlueAnt says the S3 will deliver superior voice quality along with excellent wind, road and background noise reduction. It will also include an auto reconnection function to conserve battery life but still ensure the device is always ready for the user's voice commands.

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Mobile Whack

Mark Rollins

All in all, it is a good product for those who spend a lot of time in the car.

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