S4 True Handsfree Voice Controlled Car Speakerphone

The Mitch Blog - The Best Ant On The Road Is The BlueAnt

Edwin McCain

Road safety has been getting a lot of press lately. With Oprah's push to end "texting and driving" is now become a big topic as is should be

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Which of these Bluetooth speakerphones sounds the best? (comparison)

The BlueAnt S4 does a fantastic job, almost completely eliminating the road and wind noise between words...

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Alexander George

BlueAnt's S4 True Handsfree goes further than other devices by incorporating voice commands. Say "BlueAnt, speak to me," and it's ready for your bidding. After uploading your phone's address book, the device will announce incoming calls by name, to which you can reply, "Reject" or "Answer.

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Antuan Goodwin

BlueAnt S4: First Look

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Antuan Goodwin

Powered up and hanging from its perch on your vehicle's visor, the BlueAnt S4 is always listening to you.

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PC World

Aoife M. McEvoy

The hands-off feature worked like a charm.

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Dallas News

Jim Rossman

The S4 is a great way to have almost total use of your phone without ever touching it.

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US Money

John R. Quain

The BlueAnt S4 is unique in being truly hands-free.

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Sydney Morning Herald

Simon Tsang

After clipping the unit to your car's sun visor, you won't need to touch it again.

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Coolest Gadgets


What does this mean for the driver? Well, for the first time, drivers are able to communicate on the road without having to touch either their phone or car speakerphone.

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Kevin Michaluk

If you are looking for a unit that's completely handsfree and has the most features, hands down it would be the BlueAnt S4.

The built in voice recognition is the selling point on this for a complete handsfree experience that you cannot get with the other two. Having the ability to call out and answer the phone without hitting a button is a huge plus when keeping an eye on the road.

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Stephen Krasowski

I can't think of a safer way to access your information and make and receive your most important calls.

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Tom's Guide

Devin Connors

BlueAnt’s S4 fits the bill, and stuffs more features into its svelte, magnetized frame than you’ll know what to do with.

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Wireless Week

Andrew Berg

The S4 is about as easy to use as car kits get. You simply charge it, pair it, clip it to the attached magnetic visor clip and away you go.

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ZD Net

Andrew Nusca

BlueAnt is bringing its signature voice-activated technology to the vehicle, so you really, truly don't have to touch anything.

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