Product Comparison

Choosing the Right BlueAnt

There are many factors to consider when choosing a handsfree Bluetooth device:

Where will you use your device?

If the answer is while driving only, then a BlueAnt car speakerphone such as the BlueAnt COMMUTE may be the best choice for you. The BlueAnt Commute's voice activation allows for 100% handsfree calls and texting* whilst driving.

BlueAnt car speakerphones are also a great solution if you switch or rent cars frequently, as they are sun visor mounted devices that can easily be clipped on and off the car as you move between vehicles.

If you are looking for a handsfree device that you can use while walking, working and multitasking as well as in the car, then you should choose a BlueAnt headset, such as the BlueAnt CONNECT or Endure.

If you want a device to listen to music on the go then you need to decide if you prefer wired versus wireless and earbud versus on ear headphones.

For wired, on ear headphones the Embrace is a great choice. For wireless in ear buds the Ribbon comes with this style of ear bud but also allows you to use any other headphones of your choice.

As with any music device this comes down to personal preferences and listening style.

Noise Isolation and Cancellation

All BlueAnt products feature noise cancellation technology to strip out the background noise and keep you sounding clear no matter where you are. If you expect to use your handsfree device in very noisy conditions, then you may wish to choose a BlueAnt headset featuring BlueAnt's superior Wind Armour Technology.

Wideband Speech / HD Voice

Our flagship Q3 earpiece also features Wideband Speech to offer the most true to life HD voice conversations available today. This earpiece delivers twice the bandwidth to your ears so you can hear in crystal clear clarity.

Fit And Style

A handsfree device is something you will use a lot so make sure you select a headset or speakerphone that meets your personal preference for comfort and style. The Q3 Black will match almost any occasion with subtle styling or if you prefer something with a little more bling then the Q3 Platinum is just the thing for you.

BlueAnt provides different sized ear buds and an optional over-the-ear hook for added stability. If you prefer not having anything on your ear, go with one of BlueAnt's speakerphones.

For music playback the Embrace offers comfortable on ear headphones; the Ribbon comes with earbuds but can also work with any standard 3.5mm stereo headphones, including the Embrace.

Feature Creature

The Q3 utilises the latest technology to deliver the best experience and push the envelope of what can be done on an earpiece. The Q3 has its very own conference mode built right into the headset. We have also included simple shortcuts to Siri and Google Voice Action. This makes the Q3 the choice for the gadget geek among you.

Phone Compatibility

First and foremost, you must make sure your phone supports Bluetooth technology. The majority of modern phones do, so it is likely that your phone is compatible.

If you use more than one phone, such as a personal and a work phone, or if you plan to share your handsfree device with another person, look for devices that support multipoint technology, as this allows you to connect two phones to the device at the same time.

BlueAnt's CONNECT headset is the best choice for you if you want a headset that supports connecting two phones at the same time, while BlueAnt's COMMUTE car speakerphone allows you to connect the driver and passenger's phones to the speakerphone at the same time. If a call comes in on either phone then you can answer the call with your voice and the audio will automatically route to the speakerphone.

With the BlueAnt Commute you simply say "Launch Voice Control" to make calls or send text messages ** handsfree. No other product on the market offers the ability to drive your phone completely handsfree.

Out in the Elements

For outdoor use your best option is the Endure. This headset is designed with dust, wind and rain resistance built in so you can use it almost anywhere you need to. The simple and tough controls mean this Rugged earpiece can take the knocks and keep on working where you do.

Music on the Move

The Embrace offers controls for iPhone/iPad on the included cable and must be connected to the audio source at all times. The Embrace will simply work as headphones on other phones.

The Ribbon has track and volume controls for Bluetooth enabled devices such as iPhone/iPad and Android devices but also has a range of 10M/33ft from your music source. This means the Ribbon controls work with a lot more devices than the Embrace controls do. With the Ribbon you can leave your phone in your bag or elsewhere in range and continue to use the Ribbon to listen to music. The Ribbon is also great for use in the car or with a speaker dock via the included AUX cable.

The Embrace and Ribbon do allow you to make and take calls but their primary use is for music listening.

The Ribbon works with Bluetooth enabled phones that supports streaming audio via A2DP.

Simple and Safe Use

You can easily use a BlueAnt handsfree device no matter how technology savvy you are. At BlueAnt, we believe that voice control provides not only the safest means of operation but also the simplest set up process. For example, to set up the Endure or CONNECT all you need to do is turn it on, put it in your ear and it will talk you through the rest.

Talk to your friends, colleagues and the sale agents in your local consumer electronics store for more advice on selecting the right BlueAnt for you, or see our comparison tables to choose between BlueAnt Headsets, BlueAnt Speakerphones and BlueAnt Music Devices.

*Please ensure you comply with your local driving laws when using a handsfree device.
**If supported by phone and network.